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There was a brighter Christmas in 2019 thanks to Adopt-a-Family

There were XBox games, L.O.L. Dolls and Superhero action figures! There were games, books, learning toys for preschoolers and so much more! We supplied it all this past Christmas with our Adopt-a-Family program.

It’s not hard to picture how excited the children were at the thought of getting new toys. More

 More great toys - click for detailsDirect Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates gave us more great toys

Our sincere thanks to the Direct Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates staff for their generous donations of toys to our 2019 Adopt-a-Family program. More

Click for larger imageEnjoying Halloween Cookies delivered by The Leprechaun Foundation

Overcoming the less than pleasant weather outside, the Leprechauns Celebrated Halloween by delivering cookies to MetroHealth Medical Center—boosting the spirits of patients and the hospital staff.

Congratulations Sister Lenette Marcello on your 50th Anniversary

Congratulations Sister Lenette Marcello on your 50th Anniversary - click for detailsSister Lenette has been the Leprechaun Foundation Corresponding Secretary, since 1998. She has been a great support in many ways, with letters of thanks, reminder messages, catching the misspelled words and grammar issues. Sister does not drive, and meeting attendance and participation in Leprechaun events is important to her, so she has enlisted the help of Sister Donna Paluf and Sister Gail Sako, who also celebrate 50 years of a very special Journey. More