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Herberich Fund Raiser…

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This December, the students and staff of Herberich Primary School donated generously to The Leprechaun Foundation in the amount of $1438.

The funds were raised from a week of fun and learning activities celebrating Dr. Seuss’ birthday, The week concluded with a wonderful family carnival.

We would like to thank principal William Kerrigan and everyone who made this donation possible. It is greatly appreciated.

Happy 12th Birthday Annabella…

Happy 12th Birthday Annabella - click for details

Annabella celebrated her 12th birthday by continuing to help others. This year again, she invited her friends and family to celebrate by donating gift cards to be used by those who are helped through the Leprechauns. She received various gift cards for stores that will be of great help to families who are experiencing hardship… More

Solon Middle School toys donation…

Solon Middle School toys donation - click for details

Thanks Ms. Amy Charney and the Solon Middle School Family and Consumer Science class for making another bunch of stuffed animals. Direct Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates of Solon donated the money to purchase the stuffed animal kits. The students donated over 50 stuffed animals this year… More

Happy 11th Birthday Annabella…

Happy 11th Birthday Annabella - click for details

Annabella continues to celebrate her birthday by helping others. Again this year, she invited her friends and family to celebrate by donating gift cards to be used by those who are helped through the Leprechauns. Cards valued at approximately $300, from Target, Toys "R" Us, iTunes, Walgreens and Old Navy… More

GiGi’s Playhouse Special Celebration…

GiGi's Playhouse Special Celebration - click for details

March 21st was a very special day of Celebration for GiGi’s Playhouse with more than 60 visitors celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. They watched as the children played in Clementine’s Corner on the new Therapeutic Playground equipment; others in the Little Tikes Cottage and some more were shooting hoops in the Get Fit Gym. Yoga mats for weekly adult exercise classes are also a part of the package which was underwritten by the Leprechauns, so the Playhouse would have more opportunity to provide purposeful programs for the adults, the children, and their families. More

GiGi's Playhouse Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day…

GiGi's Playhouse Celebrates World Down Syndrome Day - click for details

Lakewood, OH (March 14, 2017) – GiGi's Playhouse Down Syndrome Achievement Center is hosting a celebration on March 21, 2017 in honor of World Down Syndrome Day. The event will take place from 6-8pm at the Playhouse at 15316 Detroit Ave in Lakewood and will include music and refreshments, including gelato from The Sweet Spot in conjunction with their "Hello Spring Free Scoop Day". Participants are invited to help "break in" new donations to the Playhouse donated by the Leprechaun Foundation. More

Girl Scout troop 51150 & Direct Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates—just a few of the Adopt-a-Family donations from 2016…

The girls from Girl Scout troop 51150 in Avon, OH have just celebrated their fourth year adopting a family. They raise the money to shop, and then wrap. And our sincere thanks to the Direct Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates staff for their generous donations of toys. More

Birthday Wishes…

Birthday Wishes - click for details

Annabella Charney decided that she would like to celebrate her 10th birthday by having her friends bring toys for sick children instead of for herself. Her party was extremely successful. Some impressive works of art were produced along with donated toys and stuffed animals, iTunes, Target and Toys "R" Us gift cards. More

Kelly’s doll house donation…

Kelly's doll house donation - click for details

A friend of the leprechauns, Karen Tremont called last August to tell me her college room mate and dear friend, Kelly Ferrell was looking for a home for her doll house. Kelly had foot surgery and was off her feet for months, and during this time she built a beautiful doll house with furniture and dolls. More

Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore…

Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore - click for details

Rochelle and Dave Freiderich wanted to hold infant Eleonore close and rock her for comfort, but no rocking chair was immediately available. To keep Eleonore's memory alive they decided to help other parents going through the same heartbreak by helping provide specially designed rocking chairs for hospitals where there were none available. More


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