Fund Raisers

2012 Assumption Academy Annual Leprechaun Fair | Fund Raisers | The Leprechaun Foundation
Fund Raisers
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2018 Assumption Academy Annual St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Fair

2018 fair raises $3695...

This year’s Leprechaun Fair raised $3695.30, proving once again the strength of the 8th Grade students’ interest in continuing to help terminally and chronically ill children. We are truly grateful to the teachers and parents for their extra work, encouragement and support.

For more than 25 years Assumption Academy students have raised over $40,000 since their first fundraiser raised $600. That’s a lot of money from the efforts of kids with the support of the school and families. It’s a lot of work and coordination for a single day event attended by faculty and approximately 200 students.

Thanks to the faculty, the 8th Grade Class and Student Council for your continuing support, and to the students and Assumption Academy for this wonderful tradition.

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