The Leprechaun Foundation

“Making special dreams come true”


How wishes can come true

The Leprechaun Foundation assigns a Wish Coordinator to hospitals in the Northeast, Ohio area. These individuals are in contact with hospital child life workers, social workers, nurses and physicians, who act as the “ears” of The Leprechauns.

They serve as an important go-between—telling children’s wishes to a Leprechaun Wish Coordinator, while maintaining the secrecy that makes the fulfillment of a wish magical for the child and donor alike.

A perfect wish is one where the child simply feels it came true because wishes can come true.

What it takes to make wishes happen

Leprechaun officers oversee activities—keeping things on schedule, making sure wishes are granted and other projects are completed. At the heart of The Leprechaun Foundation are three committees:

  • The Wish Committee
  • The Fundraising Committee
  • The Membership/Publicity Committee

From time to time a special committee is appointed to work on a special project. The Foundation’s Executive Board supervises all committee activities and is made up of members who have been actively involved for over a year.

In all forms, shapes and sizes

Wishes granted by The Leprechaun Foundation take many different forms. Listed here are just a few:

  • Computers, DVD & MP3 players
  • A family’s dining room table
  • An Arabian Horse
  • Bicycles
  • Musical instruments
  • A ramp allowing a child to return home from the hospital
  • Trips to see relatives

In granting wishes, the Foundation has arranged for children to meet some of their favorite celebrities. Listed here are just a few:

  • Big Bird
  • David Copperfield
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Michael Jordan
  • Mickey Mouse
  • Players from a wide variety of sports teams
  • WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment)

Wishes happen in all forms, shapes and sizes. Children have met their heroes by attending Indians, Browns and Cavaliers practices or in their hospital room through visits of entertainment stars. If you’d like to help make wishes come true, please contact us.