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The Leprechaun Memorial Fund started in l988 with a single memorial...

In l989, there were 10 names on the list.

This is a wonderful way to keep the name of a loved one alive that benefits children and families helped by the Leprechauns.

It’s so satisfying to know that your gift will help hospitalized children experience the miraculous thrill of a dream come true. A memorial contribution to the Leprechaun Foundation is a wonderful way to honor the memory of a beloved friend or family member.

Many remember their loved ones on an annual basis with donations for birthdays, wedding anniversaries and special occasions.

Get the current—Leprechaun Memorials PDF

Memorial donations...

Over the years, memorial contributions have proven to be a significant source of income for the Leprechaun Foundation programs.

New pocket sized brochure and memorial envelope

New memorial envelopes are available for your use, along with a pocket sized brochure that describes the mission of the Leprechauns. Just contact me at, or call 440-235-5025 and I'll make sure that we get them to you, your group or wherever they're needed. And feel free to explore our website for additional information or areas of special interest.

If you'd like to add the name of a loved one to this list, please contact us or use the Donation form PDF. Your contribution will be very much appreciated.

  • The Leprechaun Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(C) charitable organization.