The Leprechaun Foundation

“Making special dreams come true”

Fund Raisers

It all adds up

The Leprechaun Foundation sponsors various fund raising and charity social events.

  • Non-Party—an annual event that grants invitees the night off by donating what they’d normally spend on a charity social event
  • Black Tie Ball—sponsored by the Friends Of The Leprechauns
  • Golf Outings/Tournaments

Other organizations, school groups, companies and individuals have also sponsored fund raising and charity events.

  • Sock Hops & Bake Sales
  • Casino Nights & Reverse Raffles
  • Valentine Parties & Jazzercise Classes
  • Donations in lieu of wedding or shower favors

Funds given to the United Way Campaign find their way to The Leprechauns when so designated. An ongoing list of memorials is another source of income.