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Some of the questions we hear most frequently...

What is the purpose of The Leprechaun Foundation?

The primary purpose of the Leprechauns is to anonymously grant to terminally and chronically ill children their greatest individual dream or desire. The foundation also works to complete selected projects that help these special children.

How are the Leprechauns different from other wish granting organizations?

The Leprechauns are anonymous, no individual takes credit—the wishes simply come true. Leprechauns donate their time, money, talents and contacts because they find sufficient reward in knowing they made a dream of a lifetime come true for a special child.

How can I get involved?

Feel free to use our Volunteer Application Form (link will open in a new window). Simply download and save the form to your computer. Complete and save the PDF following the form's directions.

Or you can call Jean Dunbar at (440) 235-5025 or Debbie DiBlasi at (440) 915-8371. Your name and phone number will be passed on to a committee chairperson, who will contact you. You're under no obligation to join. You may want to try a committee, join us sometime in the future, or recommend us to a friend. Start of Page Start of Page

How did the Leprechauns get started?

The Leprechaun Foundation was established in early 1980 at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital by two law enforcement officers who felt a personal need to help sick children. Within a few years, concerned businessmen, their wives and the wives of the Cleveland Browns established contacts with other hospitals in the Cleveland area that treated terminally and chronically ill children. Start of Page Start of Page

How are the children located?

Hospital child life workers, social workers, nurses and physicians are the “ears” of The Leprechauns. They serve as important go betweens—relaying children's wishes to a Leprechaun Wish Person assigned to the hospital. Maintaining the secrecy that makes the wish fulfillment magical for the child and the donor alike is paramount.

A perfect wish is one where the child simply feels it came true—because wishes can come true! Start of Page Start of Page

What kinds of wishes do children want to come true?

All kinds. From computers, DVD players to a family dining room table. From helicopter flights, musical instruments, bicycles and Arabian horse to a ramp that allowed a child to come home from the hospital, From meeting entertainment and sports heros to a trip to see a relative or even Mickey Mouse!

Through the years, the Leprechauns have arranged meetings with The Beach Boys, Henry “The Fonz” Winkler, the San Diego Chicken, New Kids On The Block, Arnold Schwartzeneger, Macho Man Randy Savage, Billy Ray Cyrus, Big Bird, Chick Corea, Michael J. Smith, Hanson,‘N’ Sync, Oksana Baiul, Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Mike Hargrove, Sandy Alomar, Cal Ripken Jr., George Brett and a wide variety of sports teams.

Children have attended Indians and Browns practices and met their heroes. World Wresting Entertainment stars visited a boy in his hospital room. Transportation to other cities is provided for children who need special medical treatments. Start of Page Start of Page

What kinds of projects have the Leprechauns sponsored?

The Leprechauns have provided chemo caps to prevent hair loss for children undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. They have also installed and kept a stock of toys in toy chests in Ireland Cancer Center at University Hospitals, at MetroHealth Medical Center, Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital, the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and The Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital.

The Leprechaun Foundation provided financial assistance for an outdoor play court built on the roof of Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital and for an indoor year round garden and tree house created at MetroHealth Medical Center. The Leprechaun Foundation provided cabling for an interactive TV system at Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and a special training room at Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital.

Christmas stockings are delivered and stuffed for children who have to spend Christmas in the hospital. Our Christmas Adopt-A-Family Program provides an entire Christmas—food, toys and clothes—for families of sick children who cannot afford their own.

Food baskets at Easter offer another boost for those who are going through long periods of illness and seasonal cookies are provided at holidays throughout the year. Start of Page Start of Page

How much of the money donated goes toward “making dreams come true”?

98 cents of every dollar raised goes to the children. None is used for administrative costs or salaries. Every officer, director and member of The Leprechauns is a volunteer and receives no salary or other compensation. Start of Page Start of Page

How is The Leprechaun Foundation Organized?

Three committees are at the heart of The Leprechaun Foundation—The Wish Committee, The Fundraising Committee and The Membership/Publicity Committee. Officers oversee Leprechaun activities keeping things on schedule and making sure wishes are granted and other projects are completed. From time to time a special committee will be appointed to work on a particular project.

An Executive Board supervises all committee activity and is made up of members who have been actively involved within The Leprechauns for at least a year. Start of Page Start of Page

What hospitals work with the Leprechauns?

The Leprechauns currently work with Child Life Workers or persons in similar capacities at Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Ireland Cancer Center (University Hospitals), MetroHealth Medical Center, The Cleveland Clinic, The Cleveland Clinic Rehabilitation Hospital and Hospice of the Western Reserve. Start of Page Start of Page

Other than donations, how do the Leprechauns raise funds?

Fundraisers include our annual NonParty—which grants those invited the night off if they send what they would normally spend for a charity social event, A Night at the Races and golf tournaments sponsored by the Friends of the Leprechauns. Funds have also been raised by organizations holding sock hops, bake sales, reverse raffles, casino nights, Jazzercize classes and by grade school classes, college students and organizations.

Matching corporate funds double some individual contributions and other corporations donate either in a set amount or as a percentage of sales. When The Leprechauns are designated, funds given to The United Way Campaign find their way to The Leprechauns. A growing list of memorials is another way funds are raised. Start of Page Start of Page

  • The Leprechaun Foundation is a nonprofit, tax exempt, 501(C) charitable organization.