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Dreams and wishes do come true

Canetta's T-shirt to raise money for cancer research and awareness.Canetta Davis had a wish to design T-shirts to raise money to heighten awareness for cancer research. She fought a valiant battle with the dreaded disease and went home to collect her heavenly reward on October 15, 2014.

In the meantime she moved forward longer than was expected, during which time she worked on the design, set up a website, sold 400 T-shirts, some of which were an alternate design for a women’s sports team in Atlanta, Georgia, where she had a cousin who helped in her quest to fight the battle.

Ramona Robinson was so impressed with this young lady that when she heard of her death, she did a tribute to Canetta on Friday, October 18, 2014, just 5 months after they first met.

Canetta shows off her T-shirt Design on Romona's Kids with Romona Robinson (center) and her mother Donna Wilburn (left).

Canetta (right) shows off her T-shirt Design with Romona Robinson (center) and her mother Donna Wilburn (left).

Thank you Romona, for your caring and support of the young people who are trying to make a difference. Though this is a loss to many, Canetta’s story is still a part of the Good News success that Romona has pledged to put forward vs the bad news that is so prevalent in today's news casts.

Canetta was a lovely young lady who reached many and was loved by all she became in contact, as well as her Hospice Caregivers and Doctors, Nurses and Cleveland Clinic staff.

Her fellowship of Courage and Strength which is portrayed on “Strong Wings” is her legacy to cancer survivors and future research. She did not work in vain; her wish came true for her and for future survivors.

Our sincere sympathy to her mother, Donna Wilburn, for her loss of a beautiful daughter who did make a difference in this world.