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Solon Middle School toys donation

Solon Middle School toys donation - click for detailsThanks Ms. Amy Charney and the Solon Middle School Family and Consumer Science class for making another bunch of stuffed animals. Direct Recruiters, Inc. & Direct Consulting Associates of Solon donated the money to purchase the stuffed animal kits. The students donated over 50 stuffed animals this year. More

GiGi’s Playhouse Special Celebration

GiGi’s Playhouse Special Celebration - click for detailsMarch 21st was a very special day of Celebration for GiGi’s Playhouse with more than 60 visitors celebrating World Down Syndrome Day. They watched as the children played in Clementine’s Corner on the new Therapeutic Playground equipment; others in the Little Tikes Cottage and some more were shooting hoops in the Get Fit Gym. More

Kelly’s doll house donation

Kelly’s doll house donation - click for detailsA friend of the leprechauns, Karen Tremont called last August to tell me her college room mate and dear friend, Kelly Ferrell was looking for a home for her doll house. Kelly had foot surgery and was off her feet for months, and during this time she built a beautiful doll house with furniture and dolls. More

Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore

Leprechauns rock on with Eleonore - click for detailsRochelle and Dave Freiderich wanted to hold infant Eleonore close and rock her for comfort, but no rocking chair was immediately available. To keep Eleonore's memory alive they decided to help other parents going through the same heartbreak by helping provide specially designed rocking chairs for hospitals where there were none available. More