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Making it Matter in May

Making it Matter in May - click for detailsThroughout the year, 7th and 8th grade students at Solon Middle School participate in a variety philanthropic and community service projects. But for one day in May each year, the entire school takes time out of its regular schedule to focus on giving back and making a difference. Each grade level team selects an important cause and develops a project to help support the goals of that organization. More

 - click for detailsFun Run pep rally welcomes Slider - click for detailsFun Run pep rally welcomes Slider

Slider joined the Assumption Academy with cookies this year to celebrate their annual fundraiser. This year's event was a Pep Rally kicking off a Fun Run. More

St. Patrick's Day at MetroHealth - click for photosSt. Patrick's Day at MetroHealth

MetroHealth Kids and staff enjoyed celebrating St. Patrick's Day with cookies that the Leprechauns provided.

Marysville Early College High School Donation

Each month Marysville Early College High School staff donates money to a charity. The money collected for the month of March 2019, will be donated to The Leprechaun Foundation. The amount being donated is $217.00.