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Leprechauns Sponsor Three Children to Youth Challenge…

What is every child’s wish? To be just like their peers! Every child wants to be a part of the same adventures as their friends. Every child wants to be included in the exact same activities as their siblings. Every child wants to attend the same events as their schoolmates. The Leprechaun Foundation has fulfilled those desires by sponsoring 3 participants in the activities offered at Youth Challenge.

What is Youth Challenge? Youth Challenge is a nonprofit organization which provides children ages 4 to 19 years old who have physical disabilities with opportunities for adaptive sports, recreation, art, and life skills training. Teen volunteers are trained by professionals and peers to work with children with disabilities such as cerebral palsy; spina bifida; muscular dystrophy; and orthopedic, visual, or hearing impairment. Programming is adapted to each participant’s needs. The participating children have fun, gain confidence and improve their social skills. Teen volunteers learn empathy, patience, and leadership skills.

What a thrill to hit a baseball when you thought you never could. How exciting to be in a pool splashing water around when you never imagined you would. Participants can ski, bowl, sail, canoe, paint, and dance because all programs are tailored to fit the limitations of each child. It’s a win-win for everyone: participants are delighted, teen volunteers form lifelong friendships, Youth Challenge continues to inspire, and the Leprechaun Foundation keeps bringing “magic” into the lives of chronically ill children!

If you would like more information about Youth Challenge headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, and their hundreds of programs, please go to