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Thank You to Our Donors

A special thanks to all our donors

Thank you! We at the Leprechaun Foundation hear those words quite often. Whether from caregivers and their children who’ve had their dreams fulfilled, to the heartwarming stories from Child Life Workers who refer families to us.

As we welcome in our 41st year of granting wishes to chronically and terminally ill children in Northeast Ohio we want to say a huge thank you to you our donors. Your steadfast loyalty to us, along with your own heartwarming stories, has allowed us to continue our mission to fulfill dreams since 1980.

Our donors come from all over the United States. Many of them have relocated from Northeastern Ohio due to their jobs or retirement and still continue to donate to us. You don’t forget us, and we can’t thank you enough. Deepest gratitude!

Children have mailed us coins as they learn to save their money on their way to becoming future philanthropists! We’ve received large checks from some very generous donors, but we have also received 3 one-dollar bills in an envelope with no return address. We know the sacrifices you make whether you give a $5.00 donation or a $50.00 donation. Truly, every little bit helps. Deepest gratitude!

Over the years you, our wonderful donors, have supported our various fundraising efforts, from the Black-Tie balls in the 90s and the Nights at the Races in the 2,000s to the Non-Party invitations, the golf outings and our newsletters’ memorial page. Some of the memorialized are children whose wishes we fulfilled. And some of those memorialized are numerous members of the same family. Deepest gratitude!

Our donors love Christmas shopping for other families through our Adopt-a-Family program. They use it as a bonding experience with other family members and as a way to teach their children “how to give back.” Some children have requested toys for their birthdays with the intention of donating them all to us. Deepest gratitude!

Some donors have found unique ways to contribute. Newly married couples have made a donation to us instead of party favors or gifts at their wedding reception. Some donors have contributed small handheld toys to fill the toy chests at area hospitals. Many companies, organizations, or groups donate the proceeds from a holiday auction, Leprechaun Fair, or Hike for Hunger to us. Deepest gratitude!

We could not do what we do without your support. Today that may sound like a trite, overused phrase, however, we never take YOU for granted. In Irish folklore a leprechaun is associated with finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. For the Leprechaun Foundation YOU, our donors, are our treasure and we’re always overwhelmed by your generosity. Deepest gratitude!

Jean Dunbar
Jean Dunbar,