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Congratulations Sister Lenette Marcello on your 50th Anniversary

Sister Lenette has been the Leprechaun Foundation Corresponding Secretary, since 1998. She has been a great support in many ways, with letters of thanks, reminder messages, catching the misspelled words and grammar issues. Sister does not drive, and meeting attendance and participation in Leprechaun events is important to her, so she has enlisted the help of Sister Donna Paluf and Sister Gail Sako, who also celebrate 50 years of a very special Journey.

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She also mentions Debbie DiBlasi and her mother Emma Corrado who would drive from Solon to Chardon to pick her up, attend the meetings, drive her back home to Chardon then back to their own homes in Solon in all kinds of winter weather. Sr. Mary Jo Ludwig and the late Sr. Christin Alfieri filled in also. All of her Sister driving supporters always helped in all the Leprechaun activities and fundraisers over the years.

Thank you Sisters for keeping us together and helping us serve those who are in need of a wish or ray of happiness in their lives as they face difficult times as families who have to deal with either chronic or terminal issues!

Sister Lenette was "found" by Lucille and Red Simmons. Red was the co-founder of the Leprechauns who enlisted her services to help with the Foundation mailing list.

We also congratulate Sister Mary Patricia Gannon who is celebrating 75 years on her Journey. Sister Mary Patricia is the aunt of Tom and Cyndi Gannon who joined the Leprechauns in 2001 as Treasurer.

Sister Patricia, who will celebrate her 95th birthday this year, was a teacher and principal in Ohio before going to India as a missionary for 18 years, where she established schools for children with special needs. She also spent 11 years as a missionary in England. She currently works in the province archives, re-typing community annals from original onion skin paper to computer, preserving the early history of the Sisters of Notre Dame who have been in the United States since 1874.

Sister Lenette asks that we celebrate with prayers of Gratitude for many blessings over these past 50 years, and we ask for many more healthy happy ones for all.