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Making it Matter in May

Throughout the year, 7th and 8th grade students at Solon Middle School participate in a variety philanthropic and community service projects. But for one day in May each year, the entire school takes time out of its regular schedule to focus on giving back and making a difference. Each grade level team selects an important cause and develops a project to help support the goals of that organization.

This year on May 17, the 7th grade students on the 7-west team spent the afternoon fashioning soft, colorful pillows. The students used bright patterned fleece to sew comfort pillows for children with serious illnesses. The goal was to provide something comforting that would also brighten a sick child's day. Partnering with the Leprechaun Foundation to share these pillows is a perfect match.

The 7th grade students applied their newly developed sewing skills from family and consumer science class to create the fuzzy and fun pillows. Service learning projects such as this are an important part of students' overall education by enabling them to pay forward gratitude and making someone else's day just a little bit brighter.

Approximately 120 pillows were made by these wonderful students. Many sick children will enjoy the students' effort, care and concern. Congratulations to Solon School Teachers, Students and Counsellors. You have reached your goal. Awesome!