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Birthday Wishes…

Annabella Charney decided that she would like to celebrate her 10th birthday by having her friends bring toys for sick children instead of for herself.

Annabella with some gifts and her guests at her party.

Her party was extremely successful as indicated by her happy guests who are holding some very impressive works of art that they produced at Annabella’s very special birthday party. In addition to the toys and stuffed animals, iTunes, Target and Toys “R” Us gift cards were donated.

Annabella got the idea to help sick children from her parents, who prior to Christmas purchased toys for the Toy Drive sponsored by Management Recruiters for the Leprechaun Foundation. Her dad Dan, who works at Management Recruiters and Direct Consulting Associates, brought the project home to mom, who shopped and shared the concern for others.

Last year Annabella gathered toys for Rainbow Hospital during their toy drive, and this year she decided to dedicate her birthday to helping others.

Annabella and her mother delivered the toys to MetroHealth Medical Center, where she had the opportunity to visit the Michael J. Bohdan TreeHouse, the Library and Playroom where hospitalized children find a little relief from their hospital rooms.

This is a wonderful beginning for a young lady of ten. Annabella is an amazing young lady who will be successful in whatever she decides to do. Needless to say she is being raised by parents who are very caring, setting great examples.

Thank you Annabella for your care and concern for sick children. We hope to hear wonderful things that you will be doing in what we believe is a very bright and successful future. Congratulations Amy and Dan for being wonderful, caring role models.

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